SMART Test Solutions Limited carried out the above for a client recently.
This one was done 100% correctly from a planning, safety, and site point of view, with early involvement with the client from the planning stage.
Initial discussions and planning were followed up with a full site walk though and mark out with all items marked up as per agreed references with the client’s representatives engineers.
Full safety protocols were adopted and dealt with prior to going onto the site, and while on site at all times.

Testing included the following,
• Rebar location and rebar cover, both on the slab and on the soffit.
• Slab thickness.
• Localized breakout to record physical bar, type, condition, size, and physical concrete cover readings.
• Chloride Profiles.
• Concrete Coring, being very careful to avoid hitting rebar, which we did successfully on all occasions.
• Lab testing included, core compressive strength, core carbonation, chloride content, sulphate content.
All scanning equipment was in calibration and site calibrated also in front of the client and a repeatability survey was carried out and 100% location accuracy was found.
Surveys were carried out to the client’s satisfaction, with more areas covered after the client requested some more on-site, and the report was issued on time.
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