Just a brief post to wish all our clients, friends, and their families the very best in these hard times.
We also wish you and your colleagues and company all success going forward.
COVID has been very hard and will be hard until we beat it for good, good, and proper. It has made us think differently.
Stay Safe, Stay Apart, and Wash Hands, Mind yourself, and Mind Others.
Thank you very much for the work you gave SMART Test Solutions to date and any you may give in the future.
We look forward to assisting you further with Construction Products Quality Assurance, CE Marking and Testing needs you may have.
Again thank you and please remember to be SMART in everything you.
We will always help you.
We have implemented all the COVID precautions together with the normal site safety precautions, contact us on 0858442888 or smarttesting2018@gmail.com