undefinedSeen the attached in a local town. Critical road in this town. Who is at fault for this, the asset owner, the contractor, the materials supplier, who knows?.

Estimated dip at 40mm at the white line.

The First section repaired with Traffic Management no doubt, further to be done again, more traffic management more delays.
Not needed, Not planned Not executed properly.

Use the right fill materials at optimum moisture content, bituminous materials with optimum binder and aggregate content, correct layers, correct compaction and TEST IT AS IT GOES IN, do it once and do it right.



The unbound fill and bituminous materials could have been tested as placed and received further compaction to reach adequate compaction levels that clearly this did not.

Be “SMART”, and stop things like this happening, very costly repairs and contact SMART Test Solutions Michael Robinson on 0858442888 and smarttesting2018@gmail.com view the website on www.smarttestaudit.ie